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Saturday, 02 November 2013 17:48


There is now 50% off of all FWA merchandise whilst stocks last. 

 Saturday 26th May 2012 &
 Sunday 27th May 2012
 At ExCel, London, E16 1XL

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 23:54

DVD Release: King Of Europe Cup

On April 28th and 29th 2007 Liverpool, England played host to the biggest independent wrestling tournament in European history.
16 of the worlds top wrestling promotions where represented by an incredible line up of names for an event like no other.
The King of Europe Cup brings fans two nights of action the likes of which they have never seen before.
The official King of Europe Cup 2007 DVD contains nearly 8 hours of incredible footage recorded in front of a red hot crowd of 1,700 people over two nights.

First Round Matches
Chris Hero (CZW) Vs Claudio Castagnoli (Chikara)
Go Shiozaki (Noah) Vs Martin Stone (RQW)
Pac (IPW:UK) Vs Trent Acid (PWU)
Matt Sydal (IWA:MS) Vs El Generico (IWS)
Doug Williams (Premier Promotions) Vs Ares (WXW)
Davey Richards (PWG) Vs The Zebra Kid (WAW)
Ryo Saito (Dragon Gate) Vs Jody Fleisch (1PW)
Nigel McGuiness (ROH) Vs Rhino (TNA)

Plus Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and the final

Martin Stone, El Generico & Atsusi Aoki vs Trent Acid, Claduio Castagnoli and Ares - International Six Man Tag Match

Bonus Matches
El Generico vs Pac (2/3 Falls) - IPW:UK Afternoon Show
Davey Richards & Atsushi Aoki vs Doug Williams & Go Shiozaki - RQW TV Tapings 20/04/07
Martin Stone v Pac - RQW Not Just for Christmas 16/1/06

Click here to buy now for just £10.00

Monday, 26 December 2011 09:49

Wrestle Talk TV - Episode Three

In this special Christmas edition of Wrestle Talk TV, we have a huge in studio exclusive as Nigel McGuiness gives, what will surely be remembered as his most open and frank interview ever, during his recent UK retirement tour. Also we have exclusive footage from Mick Foley's sold out comedy show in London as a present from Mick himself. Alex Shane runs down the best wrestling videos on Youtube this month as well as this December's must see DVD's. Comedian Jim Smallman talks us through wrestling's highs and lows of 2011. Joel Ross and Patrick Lennon discuss the latest happens in WWE, TNA and catch up with Batista. Plus there are TNA UK tour tickets, WWE DVD's to give away and more Creative Has Nothing For You, from Colt Cabana. All that and more on this months Wrestle Talk TV.

Check out the new "Before They Were Impact Players" DVD trailer now!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 15:37

Add FWA to Your Email White List

What is a "white list" and why do I need to add FWA to my email white list? Great questions!

Most of us who use email are unfortunately too aware of "Spam email".  A simple definition of spam email would be an unsolicited commercial message (email) that is sent to multiple recipients (often thousands or millions). They're very annoying, and we're happy to see that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are doing what they can to help filter out these types of emails.  Unfortunately, sometimes the good guys get filtered out with the bad.

What's the solution? The white list, approved senders list, or safe senders list - there are a variety of names for it. Simply put, a white list is a group of contacts or email addresses that you want to receive email from.  When you first receive an email, your service provider or email software will check this list.  If the email has been sent from someone on this list, the email will be automatically delivered to your Inbox - every time!  We emphasise the words "every time" because spam filters are constantly changing.  So, if you are receiving our emails today, without issue, it may not always be that way - unless you add us to your white list.

So, how do you add us to your white list?  There are quite a few ISPs and email software packages available today.  In time, we'll do our best to cover as many as possible. Here are a few of the most common providers. Click on the appropriate link below to obtain your specific white list instructions:Y

Yahoo -- Hotmail -- Gmail -- AOL


If Yahoo interprets an email as SPAM, it will place it in your "Bulk" folder - located in the left navigation.  It's a good idea to check this folder periodically. On some occations, Yahoo may not deliver our emails to your account at all. If you find an email in the bulk folder that you wanted to receive, simply open the email and click on the "Not Spam" button. This will help to train Yahoo's filters that this email sender is not sending SPAM.  Note that this will not automatically ensure that you'll receive email from the desired sender in the future.  You've done your part to help in the fight against SPAM - now let's make sure that you receive FWA emails correctly! To do this, follow these steps:

Open your Yahoo mailbox and click on the "Options" link in the upper right-hand corner.Open “More Options”. Find the "Filters" link on the left sidebar and click on it.We're going to set up a new filter, so click on "Add Filter". In the "Filter Name" box, give your filter a name that reminds you of what it's all about - you might use something like "FWA". In the “sender” section, select “contains” and then in the box immediately to the right, enter the text:

Near the bottom of the filter window, find the section that says "Move to Folder” and select “Inbox” from the dropdown box.
In the top-left corner, click the “Save Changes” button. You've done it - you've told Yahoo that any time it receives an email from FWA to place it in your Inbox.


Hotmail will place any email that it interprets as SPAM in the "Junk" folder - located in the left navigation when you login. On some occations, Hotmail may not deliver our emails to your account at all. You'll want to make sure to check the "Junk" folder every so often to make sure that an email you did want to receive did not end up there. You can ensure that any FWA emails are delivered to your Inbox by adding us as a "Safe sender".  Here's how:
Login to your Hotmail account. Click on the "Options" tab in the upper right-hand corner and then click on "More options ...". We want to add FWA as a Safe Sender, so locate the "Preventing junk email" category and click on "Safe and blocked senders". Click on "Safe senders". In the box labeled "Sender or domain to mark as safe:", enter the following:

Click the "Add to list >>" button.That's it! There is no "save" button - you've now ensured that you'll receive emails from FWA.
Note:  Hotmail uses additional protection features that will block attachments, pictures, and links in the message.  Our emails use a number of graphics (pictures) and often includes links to our site. To see these, simply open one of our emails and click the "Mark as safe" link at the top of the email. This will add FWA to your "safe list" and will allow all pictures and links to function in the current and future emails.


GMail will place any email that it interprets as SPAM in the "Spam" folder - located in the left navigation after you login. On some occations, GMail may not deliver FWA emails to you at all. To ensure that you receive FWA emails, all you need to do is add us as a contact. Here's how:
Log in to your GMail account. Click on the "Contacts" link in the left navigation. Click on the "Create Contact" link in the top left of your screen.
In the "Name" field, enter the following:

FWA Wrestling

In the "Primary Email" field enter the following:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Click the "Save" button at the top of the screen. That's it! You've now told GMail that all future FWA emails should be delivered to your Inbox.


AOL will move any email that it interprets as SPAM to the "Spam" folder - located at the left of your screen. In some circumstances, FWA emails may not be delivered at all. You can ensure that FWA emails are consistently delivered to your Inbox by adding us to your address book. Here's how:

Log in to your AOL email account and open your FWA email.  If you were expecting an email from us and it didn't arrive, make sure you check your "Spam" folder. After opening the email, click on the button called "Add Address" - located at the right of your screen. You will notice that the email address " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it " has been auto-populated in the "Other E-Mail" field - this is fine! You don't need to fill in any of the other fields, but you're free to do so if it helps you organise your contacts better. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the Address Card window. You're done!

A recent survey of the FWA online shop's functionality has identified that many fans are having issues with our registration process. We are now taking steps to fix these issues and, over the coming weeks, we will be making changes to the website to help make life easier for all.

We have made our first change today (05/12/2011) which means that you no longer need to register with to make purchases!

We would be VERY interested in hearing your suggestions for improving our website. If you have any suggestions, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and please make sure you add us to your email whitelist so the you will receive our replies.

Friday, 02 December 2011 09:20

WrestleTalk TV - Episode 2

Don't miss this months edition of the Word's best and fastest growing HD internet Wrestling talk show - Wrestle Talk TV. Hosted by Joel Ross and Patrick Lennon and in association with the Daily Star and FSM Magazine. 
On this episode:
-We join Wrestling Legend Mick Foley during his recent sold out stand up comedy tour of the UK for a massive two part interview.
- Star of the BBC's new hit show "Hot Like Us", the FWA's Leroy Kincaide is in the studio.
- We are live at Dragon Gate's recent UK tour shows.
- WTTV cameras are at the launch of the new BWC London Wrestling school, next door to the 2012 Olympic Village.
- Comedian Jim Smallman is with us to look at the best wrestling videos on Youtube this month.
- Have you ever wanted to be a wrestling booker or promoter? We show you how with a new training course.
- There is more Colt Cabana and "Creative Has Nothing For You".
- Win tickets to Impact Wrestling's UK tour in January.
- All the latest wrestling news and views as we discuss CM Punk's push, the Return of The Rock, Impact Wrestling's signing of new Head of Creative Bruce Pritchard and their joining with OVW as well as it's new direction with Bobby Rhode.


Xander Cooper pinned Zack 'Diamond' Gibson, yet again with the use of the ropes!

Leroy Kincaide challenged David Deville to put The Agenda's FWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line. However, Deville appeared on the screen to tell Leroy he wasn't at the NEC but he had a member of The Agenda for Leroy to fight, the man that put Leroy in hospital back in April, Colossus Kennedy. 

Leroy beat Kennedy with a spear but after the match Kennedy beat Leroy down and grabbed a steel chair from ringside. However, Jonny Phere appeared, snatched the chair off of Kennedy and took him out with two HARD chair shots! He then hovered over Kincaide with the chair, but then dropped it, spat at the leader of The Resistance and left. The situation between the two seems to be getting worse. 

Jonny Storm beat Rockstar Spud to become the first ever FWA Flyweight Champion. However, during the match Spud's injured neck became very apparent and Storm seemed hell-bent on making it worse. Shocking events took place after the bell. Spud passed out in a neck submission to give Storm the win, but Storm wouldn't let go of the hold after the bell. 

Storm then set Spud up for a piledriver, which is banned in the FWA and widely believed to be the most dangerous manoeuvre in professional wrestling. FWA Official Chris Roberts pulled Spud back to safety only for Storm to push Roberts to the ground and again set up Spud for a piledriver. At this point FWA Managing Director Tony Simpson, who was at ringside to present the FWA Flyweight Championship, intervened to stop the piledriver and managed to get Storm to leave the ring. 

Spud was helped from the ring and received treatment from onsite paramedics. 


Jonny Storm beat Danny Chase when he challenged the Adrenaline Division wrestler outside of the scheduled match card. It seems that we are seeing a different side to Jonny Storm; a bitter, twisted side that, this reporter hates to admit, Rockstar Spud tried to warn us all about...

The team of Shane Oldham & Max Angelous beat Stixx & Malen, however after the match Stixx and Malen used a chain to aggravate the surgically repaired ankle of Oldham. 

Jonny Phere interrupted MC John Atkins to challenge any member of The Agenda to a match saying that he will go through all of them to get a shot at the FWA World Heavyweight Championship.  

His challenge was answered by the near-7ft monster Colossus Kennedy, unsurprisingly after Phere took him out with a steel chair the day before.  

Phere managed to beat Kennedy but was attacked after the match when Colossus hit Phere with a hard chair shot; a receipt from the attack on Saturday.

All eyes now look to January where the FWA will be announcing its 2012 schedule. Also, look out for the new DVDs set for release next month.

Thursday, 17 November 2011 20:27

FWA @ Memorabilia Birmingham Reminder

MATCH CARD (19/11/2011)

"The Wonder Kid" Jonny Storm Vs. Rockstar Spud
FWA Flyweight Championship Tournament Final
Click here for more match info

Xander Cooper Vs. Zack "Diamond" Gibson
FWA Adrenaline Division Match
Click here for more match info

PLUS: "Phere WILL Appear!"
Click here for more info

PLUS PLUS: Kincaide To Call Out Deville
Click here for more info

MATCH CARD (20/11/2011)

Stixx & Malen Vs. Shane Oldham & Max Angelous
Two Fued's In One Match
Click here for more match info

Matches to be announced over weekend....

PLUS: "Phere WILL Appear!"
Click here for more info

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