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Thursday, 10 November 2011 09:46

The Rockstar Rocking for Movember

‘The Rockstar’ Spud is normally used to being known as an arrogant, egotistical, self-centred person. This month, however, The Rockstar is doing his bit for charity by joining in with Movember. During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of mens' faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for male health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

To donate please visit The Rockstar’s page - for updates on how The Rockstar’s rocking tash is doing!

For more information about Movember, please visit

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Dim lights

The Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) took over the Birmingham NEC on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March 2011, in which was the start of an action packed season two for the FWA, here's is just the start of the 'British Wrestling Revolution'

Day 2, Match 3
Jonny Storm Vs Spud
For latest news and updates.

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The FWA Flyweight division has been dominated by the heated situation between Rockstar Spud and "The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm. Rockstar Spud claims that he is "The NEW Wonderkid" and that Jonny Storm is a has-been. Fans have been waiting for these two to meet in the ring for over 12 months since Spud has been in & out of action due to a serious spine injury at the hands of Storm in November 2009. Hopefully this time the FWA doctor will sign-off Rockstar Spud as fit for action so the two can finally answer the question - Who really is The Wonderkid of the FWA?

More announcements and videos coming this week!!

Current card for FWA New Frontiers 2011:


RJ Singh Vs El Ligero
(European Uprising Grudge Rematch)

Zack "Diamond" Gibson & Shane Oldham Vs Axl Rage & Xander Cooper
(FWA Adrenaline Division Tag Match)

Sha Samuels & Nick Riley Vs Joel Redman & Iestyn Rees
(The FWA Resistance take on The Agenda)

Leroy Kincaide Vs "Mystery Opponent - The newest member of The Agenda"
(The leader of The Resistance takes on the unknown)


"Wonderkid" Jonny Storm Vs Rockstar Spud
(FWA Flyweight Title Tournament Decider)

More coming soon!

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Thursday, 24 February 2011 21:31

"The Rockstar" Spud

Spud - Photo by Tony Knox

"The Rockstar" Spud

HEIGHT: 5'3"

WEIGHT: 130lbs

Rock City, Birmingham 

Rockstar Stunner

BIO: Leopard-skin tights and gallons of hairspray might not be the look that most musicians go for nowadays, but clearly no-one has told this to Rockstar Spud. Convinced that he is the biggest star in the world, this loudmouthed youngster has strutted into the FWA with a fashion sense and attitude that the rest of the world left behind at the end of the 1980s.

Nonetheless, it would be foolish to underestimate a competitor who has enjoyed such success - despite his small frame, Rockstar Spud has been making waves since his arrival in the FWA at New Frontiers. He pinned Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm in quick succession to win his debut match and qualify for the Flyweight Title Round Robin, but incurred the wrath of "The Wonderkid" by using the ropes for leverage when pinning him. This was to be the start of a prolonged feud between the two men, with each costing the other their place in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament and Storm almost ending his enemy's career at Hotwired after dropping him on his head.

Undeterred by this setback, the would-be musical megastar has become more obnoxious than ever, declaring himself the "Baby Jesus of British Wrestling" as he has focused his attention on the Flyweight Title Tournament in recent months. Many fans may still be hoping to see someone wring this brash young athlete's neck but they may be disappointed - if Spud has his way, his performances in the FWA will be the first of many successful encores on the path to rock n' roll superstardom.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011 14:17

FWA Season One Box Set Review

There was no telling what could happen when the Frontier Wrestling Alliance came back in to existence. Anyone who thought they knew what was going to happen was in for a huge shock. From the formation of the Agenda, to the constant turns for and against the Resistance, to the massive battle to gain the Flyweight Championship and the horrific injuries which were caused along the way, it is clear for anyone to see that the FWA was back, but who would end the Season in control is still the topic of much debate.

When Martin Stone entered the tournament to crown a new FWA World Heavyweight Championship, everyone knew he was a top contender. By the time he faced Andrew Simmonz in the final (British Uproar 2010), everyone was behind the much-decorated UK star. What happened next was a huge shock – Stone distanced himself from the fans, the FWA management and anyone else who had ever supported him. He made it clear that “The Guv’nor” now had an Agenda, and little did anyone know quite how far his Agenda went.

Stone then went in to March of last year looking at his first title defence against Leroy Kincaide (Battle Lines 2010), but by the time his match came about it was clear that Stone was not alone in his Agenda. Dave Moralez was very quick to join “The Guv’nor”, making his intentions very clear when he took out one of the biggest fan favourites, Bubblegum, in a vicious assault. For a few months before this happened Dave had been under the tutelage of “Gentleman” Gilligan Gordon alongside Iestyn Rees and Joel Redman – two more men who quickly signed up to Stone’s Agenda. By the end of Battle Lines it looked like The Agenda may be in complete control of the FWA... who would be able to stop them?

The first man to step up to the plate was always going to be Leroy Kincaide. The hip hop star lost his Championship match thanks to the formation of The Agenda, and wasn’t going to take that lying down. From then on Kincaide was attempting to recruit whatever backup he could get, but this didn’t always go to plan. Most notably, Kincaide had a team put together for an eight-man tag match against The Agenda in Nottingham (The Art Of War). When Douglas Williams couldn’t make it, The Resistance thought that his TNA tag partner Brutus Magnus was an ideal partner. This was until he got in the ring and joined The Agenda. After that, Robbie Brookside came to ringside, but Martin Stone not only talked him out of competing, but also into leaving the arena without saying a word to anyone backstage, including his friends. In the end, Alex Shane made a sensational return to in-ring competition for the match. Shane was eliminated however continued to support The Resistance – right up until European Uprising.

It took Leroy Kincaide everything he had to get Martin Stone back inside the squared circle for a Championship match. When he did, FWA’s Head Of Content Alex Shane announced that he would be the special guest referee, making sure that there was no extra interference in the match. There was nothing extra – just the boot to the skull of Kincaide by Shane which marked the retention of the title belt by The Agenda and the rise of The Ascension. The footage of this moment cannot be described, and has to be seen to be believed.

Martin Stone therefore walked out of Season One as FWA World Heavyweight Champion, before leaving to wrestle in America. It has been declared that the title belt will be passed on to one of The Agenda members to defend from now on. At the same time, the FWA has been running a tournament throughout the season to crown a new Flyweight Champion. Many top stars such as Jody Fleisch and Mark Haskins were eliminated in the first round (New Frontier 2009), but at the same event, a new star emerged. He isn’t just a star – he’s a Rockstar. Spud’s complete image change was soon forced down our throats, but there was no doubting that he was one of the top flyweight contenders. Then, at Carpe Diem 2009, Spud took to the stage in his first live concert. This got mixed reactions from the crowd, but Spud didn’t hear anything like that. He simply rocked on, and has been doing so ever since.

That’s not to say Spud was the only contender for the Championship. The FWA’s own Bollywood star, RJ Singh, made it clear he would go to any lengths to get the title belt around his waist. If this meant he destroyed a man who would end up being his arch nemesis, El Ligero, in the process, then so be it. It seemed that Singh finally crossed the line when he came out to try and cut off El Ligero’s signature horns for a second time – only to stab Ligero in the eye with the scissors (Hope And Glory). At this point both men had been eliminated from the Flyweight Title Tournament – but Ligero would now be kept out of competitive action until European Uprising.

Both Spud’s attempts to become the top flyweight and the bitter rivalry between RJ Singh and El Ligero came to a head at the FWA’s biggest ever event, European Uprising. The Rockstar was all set to face Jonny Storm in a match that would catapult him to top flyweight status, and in the process earn him the name “The Wonderkid”. Unfortunately for Spud and all his supporters in the NEC in Birmingham, a long-term injury put him out of the match. In the end the fans were still given a thrilling contest, as Storm defeated Axl Rage and “The Showstealer” Nathan Cruz in a ladder match. Also at the same event El Ligero finally managed to get revenge on RJ Singh for putting him out of the squared circle for so long.

The FWA has also become a place for opportunities, and many stars from XWA Adrenaline made their debuts inside an FWA ring during Season One. On top of Rage and Cruz, we also saw the emergence of Nick Riley. A popular young man who can take to the skies at any opportunity, he had a number of vicious battles at the Expo events in London and then went on to join The Resistance in the six-man tag match at European Uprising. Along with this there have also been young tag teams such as The Dare Devil Dragons who have been willing to step in to a very competitive Tag Team Championship tournament. Despite losing to Stixx and Malen, they really proved themselves. Stixx and Malen have gone on to be an exceptionally destructive force in the FWA’s tag team division, defeating established duos such as Project Ego and (despite losing the match) completely destroying The Leaders Of The New School and hospitalising Marty Scurll after their contest at European Uprising.

And this is by no means a comprehensive review of everything which took place in Season One of the FWA. There were twists and turns all the way, and nobody can predict exactly what is in store for The Agenda and The Resistance as we head in to Series Two. One thing which is certain is that the 12-disk box set of FWA Season One is available to buy from now!

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Thursday, 13 January 2011 22:03

The Rockstar Spud on national TV next week!

Spud, top contender for the FWA Flyweight Championship and the self-proclaimed” Rockstar” of the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, has once again found himself massive exposure to feed his ego – and this time it’s on national television!

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